Jul 23, 2014

Rehearsal break

On rehearsal break with some of the singers and dancers for the DREAMGIRLS show.  Show is July 25, 26, & 27 at the Harold Washington Cultural Center (Chicago).  Come check out my choreography.

Hanging out

Hanging out with some of the dancers from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls show I'm choreographing.

Jun 17, 2014

Serving Revenge on a Platter...


The infamous Jarvis Denttin has resurfaced and is serving revenge on a platter.  After being locked in a dog cage and left to die by his once trusted friend and business partner, Jarvis recovered from the horrific experience and is ready to make anyone that was involved with his misfortunes pay severely.  Jarvis takes you on a suspenseful ride of relentless retaliation in the novel RETRIBUTION.

May 21, 2014

Relentless Revenge .......


Jarvis Denttin resurfaces and takes
you on a suspenseful ride of relentless retaliation

I'm so excited about my 4th novel RETRIBUTION.  It's now available for pre-order on Amazon http://amzn.com/0983775974 


May 12, 2014

It's a wrap....

I had an amazing weekend working with Angie Stone, Ann Nesby and Vanessa Bell Armstrong in The Color Purple.  These women are class acts and such great people to work with.   Theater 47 showed up and showed out!   I'm happy to have choreographed such a memorable show.  The tour has ended and I'm looking forward to starting again.

Working with Ann Nesby

It was such a pleasure to work with Ann Nesby this weekend doing The Color Purple.  She is an amazing classy, talented person.  Can't wait to work with her again.  I'm still talking about her kind, positive spirit.  Love her!  "It's Sunday morning....."  she was singing this song.  Brought tears to my eyes... she is so gifted.

On the road again....

Hanging  out on the bus with the cast Nyfesha, Tasha, Erica and Angie Stone.  Headed to Cincinnati to perform in the Color Purple show.  Fun times

Apr 29, 2014

Photo shoot

Photo shoot with my glam squad....

Welcome to Winkk's World

I'm an author, choreographer, creative director, entrepreneur, wife, mother and dreamer!  Welcome to my world where I laugh daily and always try to stay positive. Live as if it's your last day.  I believe in motivating, inspiring and supporting others.

Back covers need love too

Let's give the back cover of MISLEADING some shine!!   I loved working with my graphic designer Quincy to create this cover.  Proud moments.  Accomplishments.  

Apr 10, 2014

TOUR SECRETS Novels Delivers Drama!!

Throwback Thursday..................WATCH my Video Trailer for my first novels TOUR SECRETS 1 & 2. See the full trailer at http://www.youtube.com/winkktv.  Tour Secrets 3 Coming Soon!

Get Teased with the Video Trailer for the novel
Get a backstage pass into the music industry through the eyes of Dancers

Apr 8, 2014

Winkk Choreographs THE COLOR PURPLE with Jennifer Holliday

It was a great run touring "The Color Purple" musical with Jennifer Holliday in Houston, Texas with sold out shows.  We're back on the road in May in Tennessee, St. Louis and Ohio with Angie Stone. 
See you soon.

Winkk Choreographs "The Color Purple" with Jennifer Holliday in Houston, Texas


Feb 16, 2014

Jan 1, 2014

Dec 9, 2013

Who's reading MISLEADING?

MISLEADING by Winkk available on Paperback, Kindle, Nook and Ebooks. 
Purchase your book now at http://amzn.com/0983775907


Jul 12, 2013


Congratulations to the Winners of the

“Welcome Back to America

Tiffany Talk Books Giveaway”


Jun 27, 2013

Welcome Back to America Tiffany Talks Books GIVEAWAY

Enter for your chance to WIN one of Winkk’s novels from the Welcome Back to America Tiffany Talks Book Giveaway.  The contest runs until July 3rd. It is open internationally and you must be 18 years of age or older to enter.  There are A LOT of ways to enter and you can do some daily. Remember, if you take advantage of all of the ways to enter then you increase your chances of winning!! Enter now for a chance to add to your summer reading list!!!  http://tiffanytalksbooks.com/
Over 200 prizes!!!    10 Winners!!!
Grand Prize Winner = 50 Prizes
2nd & 3rd Place = 30 Prizes each
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6th – 10th Place = 10 Prizes each

Mar 6, 2013

Life of an Author




Winkk Novels

Winkk Novels:  Misleading, Tour Secrets2 and Tour Secrets
All novels available on Kindle, Nook and Paperback.

Feb 27, 2013

Winkk Choreographs "Imitation of Life"

The award winning choreographer Winkk creates another masterpiece with Theater 47, choreographing the new hit Broadway play "Imitation of Life" at the Harold Washington Cultural Center (Chicago).  Directed by John Ruffin / Theater 47.  www.winkkatme.com  www.theater47.com

Oct 22, 2012

Winkk Wins the Katherine Dunham Award for Best Choreography

Winkk was awarded the 2012 ”Katherine Dunham Award” for Best Choreography from the Black Theater Alliance for her work on the broadway stage play “The Color Purple”.

Jun 20, 2012

Black Authors Network Radio will interview Winkk on June 22nd at 8:30PM

Join Winkk for the
Black Authors Network Radio Show Details

Friday, June 22, 2012 @ 8:30PM   -   Host Ella D. Curry 

The Call-in Number for this show is: (646) 200-0402
Chat-room: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Black-Author-Network

If you have read Winkk's novel Misleading, Tour Secrets or Tour Secrets 2, call in on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:30PM or visit the chat room at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/black-author-network to discuss the book with her. 

Jun 14, 2012

Winkk will be at the Midwest Book Festival in Milwaukee, WI on Saturday, June 16, 2012

Join Winkk at the 4th Annual Midwest Book Festival in Milwaukee on Saturday, June 16th from 1pm- 4pm at Celebration, 4740 W. Bradley Road, Milwaukee, WI.   Winkk will be signing her novels – Misleading, Tour Secrets and Tour Secrets 2

Jun 7, 2012

Winkk Choreographing The Color Purple Stage Play

Winkk working with the dancers at The Color Purple stage play rehearsal, with Jonathan, DonDiego, Michael, Mark and Mike.   The Color Purple play will be at the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago, IL on July 27-29, 2012.  Tickets are on sell now at www.johnruffin.com or you can purchase them at the Harold Washington Cultural Center box office.  Winkk is one of the choreographers and it is directed by John Ruffin.  Find out more about Winkk at www.winkkatme.com

Joey Pinkney interviews Winkk

5 Minutes, 5 Questions With Winkk,

Author of Misleading

by Joey Pinkney
JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…Winkk, author of Misleading
(Ailam Publishing LLC)
Misleading by Winkk draws you into the glittery, but gritty realm of Jarvis Denttin, a self-absorbed club owner who gets on a first-name basis with betrayal while expanding his successful business in Chicago. Devastated by the shocking murder of his best friend, the womanizing Jarvis Denttin starts distrusting the people around him, and they prove that they are more conniving then he could imagine.  With money dominating his life, he is unaware of the scheme being orchestrated to bring him down. He finds himself fending off power moves from a circle of business associates, including a vengeful lover and a longtime, once-trusted protégé. Oblivious of his acquaintance motives, he gets put in a deadly situation.
Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write Misleading?
Winkk: I was inspired to write Misleading because sometimes you never really know the intentions of the individuals around you. Misleading is a story about karma. What goes around always comes back around.

JP: What sets Misleading apart from other books in the same genre?
Winkk: Because I love to keep readers guessing what is going to happen next and shocking them throughout the storyline, I think my style of writing sets my novels apart from others. I have lived an interesting life and have witnessed some things that most people might feel is unbelievabl. In my world, it’s reality, and it makes an interesting novel.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to Misleading getting out to the public?
Winkk: My keys to success are always promoting, marketing, learning and willing to eat, sleep and breathe this industry. Never giving up on my dreams and always having faith keeps me pushing forward.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish Misleading?
Winkk: My writing process is to visually create the story and book cover in my mind. Once I can see the story and cover, I’m ready to start typing. It usually takes a couple of months to finish the book. Then the work begins with the editing process.

JP: What’s next for Winkk?
Winkk: I’m currently working on my fourth novel. Since I like to stay busy, I hope everyone keeps in contact with me at http://www.winkkatme.com.


I would like to thank Joey Pinkney for providing a platform for authors to display their work. I would also like to thank the readers who have supported me with my first novels Tour Secrets 1 & 2, and who continues to support me with my latest novel Misleading. I thank everyone for supporting me.


Apr 4, 2012

Actor Steve Harris and Winkk at the Dreamgirls show in Chicago.  Steve Harris took the time to stop by the last show of Dreamgirls and came backstage to visit the cast.  Winkk is the choreographer for this broadway play.

Mar 6, 2012

Winkk Nominated for "Author of the Year"

Winkk is nominated for “Author of the Year” for the 4th Annual 2012 AAMBC Literary Awards. Voting starts now and ends April 5th!!

Vote for Winkk
(Click on Link below)

Feb 11, 2012

"MISLEADING" by Winkk Trailer

Watch "MISLEADING" by Winkk
Video Trailer 

"MISLEADING" by Winkk - Available on Nook, Kindle and Paperback. (Barnes and Noble, Amazon and bookstores).   Misleading by Winkk draws you into the glittery, but gritty realm of Jarvis Denttin a self-absorbed club owner who gets on a first-name basis with betrayal while expanding his successful business in Chicago.   Devastated by the shocking murder of his best friend, the womanizing Jarvis Denttin, starts distrusting the people around him, and they prove that they are more conniving then he could imagine.  With money dominating his life, he is unaware of the scheme being orchestrated to bring him down.  He finds himself fending off power moves from a circle of business associates, including a vengeful lover and a longtime, once-trusted protégé.   Oblivious of his acquaintance motives, puts him in a deadly situation.  www.winkkatme.com

Click on Bookcover to Purchase Novel

Jan 19, 2012

Chapter Two of My Life

The time I’ve spent as a dancer performing on stage was such an incredible time in my life. I was able to do something I enjoyed and loved. I met so many people and have traveled the world several times. Lights, camera, action is something that any dancer/performer can relate to, and love when that time comes to hit the stage. From Japan, Switzerland, Germany to London, I’ve traveled there. From dancing at the Olympic’s, Oprah, Soul Train Music awards to dancing for President Bill Clinton’s Inauguration Ball, I’ve experience that. I’m thankful and feel blessed to have been able to live my dreams.

I truly want others to experience what I’ve experience. To do what you love, is never work. My purpose is to help others succeed in their dreams. The good, the bad and the ugly, I still enjoyed my time traveling on the road as a dancer/choreographer. I’m a stronger person, a different person, a wiser person a more mature person and a happy person. My experience is priceless.

A dancer will always live inside me, choreographing is something I will always do. I’m moved by music and creativity. I’ll always work with others to help them experience their dreams and share my knowledge to help them succeed. Who knows, you just might see me on the stage again.  

I’ve started a new chapter in my life, and as a published author, with three books and now working on my fourth, I’m still creating. From books, to video book trailers, to plays and movies, God continues to bless me and my dreams. I’m always moving forward with a positive attitude, positive energy and positive people around me. Lights, camera, action – welcome to chapter two of my life.

Motivate, inspire and support.

Dec 9, 2011

Winkk is Choreographing Dreamgirls Chicago


Winkk is one of the Choreographers for Dreamgirls Chicago coming March 2012 at the Harold Washington Cultural Center (Chicago, IL)by John Ruffin Entertainment.

Dreamgirls Chicago Tickets go on SALE Wednesday, December 14, 2011 via Ticketmaster. Tickets are $20-$40. The $20 tickets are on a limited supply while they last (Special Promo Discount Code Needed) . Special promo discount code will be available. COME OUT AND SUPPORT THIS AMAZING MUSICAL BROADWAY PLAY. Come see the talent in Chicago.